Challenges Solutions

Challenges Solutions

Development Challenges & Solutions

The success of the Bierbrier team in resolving a wide range of development challenges is based on the company's growth over the past four decades to a full service retail real estate firm, with extensive capability in acquisition, permitting, construction, finance, marketing and property management. Based on this experience, Bierbrier is able to quickly recognize and resolve the many difficult issues in the development process, resulting in the completion of quality retail environments and the cementing of strong connections to the local communities where its portfolio is located.

With each development opportunity, Bierbrier works closely with town officials, neighborhood representatives, and planning departments, as well as an independent team of design professionals, local attorneys, and environmental and traffic consultants to fully understand and implement the goals of the community to enhance the built environment while meeting the needs of the merchants and consumers in each of the centers in the Bierbrier portfolio. Issues such as land assembly, zoning and permitting complications, neighborhood opposition, site contamination, traffic and circulation complexities, construction and design concerns are all resolved in a professional, knowledgeable and timely manner.

As a first principle, Bierbrier places the highest value on achieving consensus with the local communities. In the history of the company, it has never been involved in litigation to secure permits and has never been denied a permit sought.

Read more about specific development challenges Bierbrier Development has encountered within the existing portfolio and learn about the creative solutions implemented to make each project a success:

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